Pastels by Jean-François Le Saint

I have lost myself in experiments for over a year now. I was looking for an elusive technique that would work everytime. In the end I found three interesting techniques that I want to explore further.
1. Most of the work is done in sepia and ochre tones until all the detail and values are in place. The colours are then added in thin veil-like layers.
2. I work with basic shapes, blending layer after layer, and the detail is added at the end. You can get a glimpse of the process in the second image if you look closely at the hat.
3. This is the "frantic mode", I blend only the first layer or two, then I work with the tip of the pastels in free strokes, it is very exhilarating. It is perfect for small pastels depicting a scene with many characters.
I am also looking for a fourth technique that will eventually enable me to apply varnish (not fixative, but varnish) on the finished pastel without altering it.

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